More people wants to live in cities these days, but the current cities are getting out of space. In Amsterdam almost all off the current neighbourhoods are full and there is no space for building new houses while tourists are taking over the city centre. To create new places to live, the city of Amsterdam is creating a new space for building.

On the artificial island IJburg there is place for new housing in a green surrounding. The ideal place for families to live and for children to grown up. The island has a good connection with the centre of Amsterdam, and is close to different highways.

Trapezium is specially designed for Families. The vertical street around the dwellings creates a social surrounding were neighbours know each other and children can play outside safely. With the playground in the backyard and the roof garden on top of the building there is a lot of outside space for the residents. Also the ‘street’ can be used as an outside space, and makes it possible to give every dwelling its own front door accessible from the street.

The dwellings are from 90 to 130 m2 And the partition is quite spacious. The stair in the middle of each dwelling is also the divider between the kitchen and the living room. At the staircase is also a void created for a good connection between the different floors.

The spacious dwellings combined with the communal spaces outside makes this new living block a nice place for Families to live.



Tijmen Dijk
Spoorsingel 92
2613BC Delft